Englisch Theatre Leipzig presents: Elsie and Norm´s Macbeth

Witches, Banquo and banquets and murder... just funnier than Shakespeare!

Elsie and Norm are fed up with watching Game of Thrones and playing Trivial Pursuit with their neighbours. They feel there's something missing in their lives. So when the mobile library van comes round they decide to do “some culture” and have a go at staging a production of Macbeth in their own living room.

Witches, Banquo and banquets and murder most foul are on the menu as the two of them play every character with outrageous results. The Bard himself would be spinning in his grave at this version of one of the greatest pieces of British literature. Or he would be laughing his head off.

"Elsie and Norm´s Macbeth" is a coproduction between
English Theatre Leipzig & Neues Schauspiel Leipzig